Terms and ConditionsTerms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


The inclusive fully comprehensive insurance covers the insured, with a minimum age of 30 and a maximum age of 70. If you require any additional drivers, please email us with your query, or phone/fax us now on 01773 863777.

Age restrictions

All drivers must be between 30 and 70, having held a full licence for more than 24 months, and be free of physical defect or infirmity. Some driving offences over the last five years are also excluded. Please contact us if you have any doubts before hiring.

Booking and cancellation

We require a booking fee if £100, this is non-refundable on cancellation. Charges for cancellation within 28 days of hire date-50% of hire charge, within 14 days-75% of hire charge, less than 14 days-full cost of hire *.

Excess and security deposit

1. As a security bond 2. As payment towards any mechanical damage, which is not, covered by our insurers e.g. tyres, wheels, clutch, gearbox and which was sustained during the hire period, excluding normal wear and tear, due to misuse or abuse. 3. As an insurance excess against any accidental damage or loss caused to the vehicle by a third party or the hirer. The hirer is liable for the amount shown as Excess deposit. 4. Additional charges incurred during the hire period for excess mileage and, or, petrol reimbursement charges.


JTI Performance & Prestige liability is limited to a refund of the hire charge. No consequential loss liability will be covered.

Use of vehicle

The hirer may use the vehicle for the purpose of their business and for social, domestic and pleasure purposes. The vehicles may not be used for any purposes for which they were not expressly designed. Further, the hirer will not use or permit the vehicles to be used for hire, driving tuition, towing, racing or pace-making, or for competing in any rally or other form of motor sport, track days or for any illegal purpose whatsoever.


Every vehicle will be supplied with a full tank of petrol and must be returned with a full tank of quality petrol (petrol used must be appropriate to a prestige performance car, eg, Shell Optimax or BP Ultimate). If, however, this is not the case, petrol will be charged at the pump price plus a surcharge of 50% for labour and deducted form your security deposit.

Hours of hire

Weekend hire covers from noon on Friday to Noon on Monday. 1-day midweek is from 9am to 9am the following day. 3-day midweek is from 9am Tuesday to 5pm Thursday. RETURN TIMES ARE RIGID AND MUST BE ADHERED TO. Any failure to return more than 30 minutes beyond the return time will result in a deduction from the security deposit of one full day's hire charge.

Mileage allowance

Mileage allowance is 100 miles per single day, 225 miles for 2 days, 300 miles for 3 days and weekends, and 600 miles per 7-day week. Excess mileage is charged as per our current Tariff sheet.


Delivery and collection can be arranged throughout the UK at an additional charge. See our delivery page for rate details.


All cars are offered subject to availability.


Prices are subject to alteration without prior notice, however once a car has been booked and a deposit received we will not alter that hire price. All rentals are subject to the JTI Prestige & Performance terms and conditions on the reverse of the hire agreement, all drivers are subject to approval by JTI Prestige & Performance Ltd and our insurers.

* Note: All prices asterisked are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

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