BMW M3 3.2 CoupeBMW M3 3.2 Coupe

BMW M3 3.2 Coupe

The car is based on the BMW M Roadster. The semi-trailing arm rear suspension was not modified from the M Roadster. The coupe is 2.7 times stiffer than its convertible counterpart, resulting in superior handling.

The M coupe was developed under the leadership of engineer Burkhard Göschel with the intention of adding increased torsional and structural rigidity to the Z3 roadster’s chassis. The development team had a hard time convincing the Board of Directors to approve the model for production, but it was eventually given the green light as long as it remained cost-effective to produce. To achieve this goal, as many body panels as possible had to be shared with the roadster, thus the doors and everything from the A-pillar forward are interchangeable between the coupe and roadster, as are most interior parts. The Z3 coupe, which mates the M coupe's body with the standard Z3 drivetrain, chassis and cosmetics was approved for production at the same time.


Professional satnav and TV teletext
Bluetooth communications
19" wheels
Red leather upholstery
CD multichanger
Folding mirrors
0-62 mph in 5 secs!

BMW M3 3.2 Coupe hire costs

BMW M3 3.2 Coupe day rate: £245 + VAT
BMW M3 3.2 Coupe special weekend rate: £695 + VAT

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